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Superfamily Comparison Plot

This scatter plot provides a summary of all the superfamilies in CATH. Each point represents a superfamily in CATH and the position, colours and sizes represent a particular metric associated with that superfamily (e.g. number of Functional Families, GO terms, EC terms, and so on). The plot can be altered dynamically by clicking on the arrows to compare different criteria (see usage notes below for more details).


  • The 1305 superfamilies shown in this plot have been filtered by the following criteria:
    • Superfamily must have at least one unique EC annotation
    • Superfamily must have > 5 Functional Family clusters
  • You can change the statistic that determines different aspects of this graph:
    • axis: click on the axis bar and selecting from the drop-down list.
    • colour: click above the coloured bar (top right).
    • size: click above the grey arc (top right).
  • Hover the mouse over a partiuclar data point to find out more information (exact values for each criteria appear on the axes and on the size and colour icons).